Civil Unrest – Is That Possible?

by Snets ~ June 7th, 2011. Filed under: Blog.

James Carville mentions on Imus that if something doesn’t happen to the employment picture – civil unrest is possible.  Could that be?  We saw the demonstrations in Wisconsin when Governor Walker slapped the unions around – but they were civilized – no violence – by the way, I agree with what Walker did, further I hope that Scott Walker  gets drafted to run in 2012.  Viva Wisconsin!

Last night they had this segment of Dateline (congrats to “do it all”, Ann Curry finally getting an anchor chair by the way) on the efforts of Grafton, a wonderful middle-American town, to renovate a house for a family in need.  Great story – great TV but what really came through to me was the volunteers that were there working because they had nowhere else to go.  There was one fellow, a bank manager, recently unemployed,  in his late 50’s who had never been without a job in his whole life,  working there – he looked absolutely lost, he was losing his home, his marriage had broken up.  This is a guy who has never applied for food stamps or been on welfare and he looked absolutely unprepared to be one of the unwashed masses.  Let me tell you, I sympathized with the family the town was helping but I really felt for that bank manager.

This is bad and getting worse.  Our politicians are letting us down.  That crazy loon down in Texas, Perot – he had the right idea.  There was no way he could be elected clearpores body system, he made too much sense.  He wanted to run one term because he knew he would never get elected to a second one.  He would have pissed too many people off – but the special interests, greedy politicians and all the pork barrel issues would have at least had their foundations rattled.  I mentioned this before but I read where if the federal government quit paying anything but debt payments and it paid $100 million a day – it would take 250 years for the US to be debt free.  Look at the news – China is making noise – they are going away from short term American bonds, they are warning others about holding large amounts of American dollars.

A person’s self-esteem is based to a large part on his or her ability to meet their obligations, pay their bills – the jobs are disappearing folks – the equity in people’s homes has disappeared – civil unrest??? Yes it is damn well possible and I hope that the rest of the country can be as polite as those folks in Wisconsin when they start “unresting”.

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