I’m going broke

by Snets ~ May 17th, 2011. Filed under: Blog.

This weekend I did some shopping – as a single guy, I am unaware of what anything costs, I just grab it and throw it in the cart.  Well I get to the check out and the bill was a little higher than I thought it would be.  I didn’t really think about it again until later in the day, I decided to look at the tape – man groceries are expensive – but the thing that really caught my eye – I bought two yellow apples – they cost $2.74 – I mean $1.37 for a mid-sized, freaking apple – is that what stuff costs really?  Then I read that the nation is borrowing money at over $50K a second.  Not sure but that appears to be adding up to real money.  A little further research – I found out that if the federal government, quit paying another dime for anything and only paid down debt – if we paid $100 million a day – it would take over 250 years to pay back everything we owe.  People, this is getting scary.  These politicians will do or say anything to get elected – case in point – they are severly limiting company’s like mines’ remuneration.  Why??? Because it is politically expedient – in the meantime, we offer mortgages at a lower rate and cost structure than the banks but we still have a burden of paperwork they don’t have plus we have to disclose every dime we make – up front.  Now they have a national registry of mortgage loan officers – it includes our credit histories, our home addresses – there is only one other registry vigrx plus with this much detail – the National Sex Offenders list.

The thing is, no politician can get elected with a program of austerity.  Everyone wants changes as long as they don’t get inconvenienced themselves mind you.  There’s going to be anarchy here if we don’t quit borrowing money and if we don’t severly limit entitlements.  How do you tell a soldier his pension will be cut or a social security recipient there monthly check is going down.  How do you tell all those welfare folks they have to get jobs or else.  Ask yourself – what would I give up to make this better.  I’m a Canadian by birth and at my parents house – they get trash pickup – once every two weeks.  They HAVE to segregate trash into trash, recyclables and also organic pickup – mix them up – they won’t take it.  They are also restriced in how much those loads can be.  It forces people to compact stuff and organize stuff.  Also, yard waste has to be taken to the dump yourself.  Where I live in North Palm Beach, I get a pickup 5 days a week – trash 3X a week – garbage (which is yard waste and used appliances etc.) and recycling another day.  They do not get mail on Saturdays – couldn’t we do that?  Most of all I want to see us quit spending so much in other countries.  I’m not going to mention examples because I just get angry.

In the meantime, rates are lower than last week very slightly – need a Florida mortgage – call Snets – can’t hurt!!!

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