New Housing Report – Southern Market Stronger Than Other Regions

by Snets ~ June 11th, 2009. Filed under: Blog.

A bit of good news?  Maybe the South and the Florida market are seeing that elusive bottom? 

The Southern region of the United States posted the strongest quarter-over-quarter price returns in a new quarterly housing market report launched Wednesday by Clear Capital

The bad news: The region still posted an overall decline of 1.7%. But the (relatively) good news is the South posted the smallest overall decline of the four regions, according to Clear Capital’s report.

The South also posted half the decline of the national rate, 3.4%.

The data and solution provider for real estate asset valuation, investment and risk assessment launched the new report as a way to track pricing conditions in real time. The July report considers data compiled through May 25.

With quarter over quarter price declines Cialis Online slowing, and the Southern market showing the smallest of those declines, it seems that the market may be stabilizing.  In addition there could be a real pressure on southern markets like Florida which has no state income tax, as many states in the Northeast and California start taxing their citizenry to make up for huge budget shortfalls.  High property taxes, sales taxes, etc. have been known to send people looking for greener pastures in the past, and there is none greener than Florida.  With several quiet hurricane seasons under our belts, a relatively low tax rate and property values at their lowest in a long time… we might see people flocking to the Sunshine State once again.  Put into perspective and context, some of the deals down here are just too good to pass up.

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