Buying a home or refinancing a mortgage in Florida need not be a stressful event, that’s where the Bayside Difference comes in:

What is the Bayside Difference – in the first place it is service.  How many companies preach about their customer service?  The difference with Bayside is that we live and breathe service.  You can call us anytime you need anything, from information on the progress of your mortgage to what the number is for the local utility companies, to where the good restaurants are.  The home number for our President – 561/339-3115 – try getting that from your local bank’s loan officer.  Email or call us and expect to get us anytime of the day or night.  We are a boutique lender serving Florida, we do not advertise, our continued success depends completely on 16 years of satisfied customers referring to us their friends and neighbors. 

Secondly, and I say this unequivocally, we are THE MOST HONEST COMPANY OUT THERE.  No one ever went to one of our closings and got a surprise.  You will have your closing statement before closing and we will go over every line with you.  Closing requires your signatures – the explanations and questions will have been taken care of before you ever get close to the closing table.  There are horror stories in Florida and across the nation about seniors and others being taken advantage of during the loan process, this is never an issue with a Bayside client.

Lastly and certainly not the least important – our rates are generally the best out there.  We make about 1% per file – that’s it.  Sometimes slightly more, sometimes slightly less.  Our annual average is right at 1%, that makes us more than competetive.  If you want to see my Florida wholesale rate sheet – I will gladly provide it to you.  If someone tells you that they can beat our rate, depending on when your rate was locked and economic conditions it MAY be possible but it’s not at all likely.  What is surely not possible is for someone to tell you that they are considerably better.  The concept of one guy being way lower than everyone else in the mortgage business does not exist.  Whenever you see some unbelievable rate advertised on the television or the internet – if their rate is that much lower than ours – you can rest assured they are getting you with fees or programs.  We provide you with a Good Faith Estimate and your mortgage related closing costs will not change a penny from application to closing.  Also, you should be wary of lenders that are from out of state (not located in Florida). 

So what is the Bayside difference?   It’s a combination of uncompromised:

Service – Honesty – Rates   Bayside – A Florida Mortgage Company