David Snetsinger  has been in the mortgage business for twenty years and has been the president of Bayside for 16 of them.  Originally from Canada, David came to Florida and was immediately taken in by the warm weather, the beautiful beaches and the blue waters of our great state.  For the last two decades he has endeavored to help others to live their Florida dream by helping them to secure a mortgage for the biggest investment/purchase they’ll ever make.  Let’s face it, in the recent past the reputation of mortgage brokers has been run through the mud and deservedly so.  A lot of brokers are all about making as much money as they possibly can with one transaction.  David Snetsinger is a mortgage professional.  He won’t put you into a mortgage that will send your financial planner into fits.  He is always available to you, any time of the day or night. 

While unscrupulous lenders throughout the state of Florida and elsewhere were recommending risky options we at Bayside Mortgage were steering clients into low interest, long term, fixed rate loans.  Bayside Mortgage did not originate a single “pick a pay” or “option Arm” mortgage.  Why?  It’s all part of David’s philosophy, “…a happy client refers, a happy client returns”.  When we originate a mortgage, we are not just helping people make a purchase or a refinance, we are helping them achieve home ownership, a dream as American as the flag and as ancient as mankind.  Without mortgage lenders, America would be like many other countries in the world, a nation of tenants.  Home ownership is the foundation of our free and democratic society.  The mortgages we arrange bolster the country and its economy.  Without mortgages, the most important and influential segment of America’s economy would be missing, along with thousands of jobs.  While investments are a part of the business, most of our loans cater to the home owner/buyer that is pursuing the American dream… or in our case, owning a piece of the paradise that is Florida. 

When we arrange a loan, we are helping people provide their families with the safest, most comforting, most important place on earth; “HOME”.

Your mortgage is more than just a business transaction.  Allow Bayside Mortgage Services, Inc.  to help you achieve the Florida dream and let us show you why we should be, “Your lender for life.”